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TIME: How India’s Newly Empowered Opposition Can Stand Up for Rohingya

The Muslim Rohingya came to India fleeing genocide by the military in neighboring Myanmar, but now has to contend with death threats, police brutality, arbitrary arrest, deportation, and dehumanizing hate speech from leading figures within Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party. The hatred of the Rohingya is pervasive in India. Despite them comprising only around 0.02% of the country’s 200 million Muslims, 6% of […]

London School of Economics: Religiophobia or Islamophobia? Deciphering India’s inconsistency

The use of ‘religiophobia’ and ‘Islamophobia’ have been at odds during recent United Nations assemblies. Muhammad Ahmad Khan and Shafaq Zernab provide an analysis of India’s contribution to the debate. Instances of hate speech have been instigated over time in India. Meticulous data gathered by the India Hate Lab Report documented nearly two anti-Muslim hate speech […]

Asia Nikkei: Hindu mob lynchings stoke fear and anger among India’s Muslims

A string of lynchings in India has stoked fear and anger among minority Muslims, just weeks after an election that saw the ruling Hindu nationalist party accused of spouting hate-filled rhetoric. Longstanding religious tensions have soared as critics blame Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government for ignoring a jump in violence and hate directed at Muslims, who make […]

Al Jazeera: What will Modi 3.0 look like for India?

As Modi prepares to be sworn in with a reduced mandate, analysts and critics say allies he depends on could serve as a check on his government. Meanwhile, hate speech has soared in India in recent years. India averaged nearly two anti-Muslim hate speech events per day in 2023 and three in every four of […]

Frontline: A vote for constitutional values

Modi government’s actions belittling constitutional values opened up space for opposition parties to revive the struggle to protect the Constitution. India Hate Lab (IHL), a Washington-based research group, has documented around 668 instances of hate speech in 2023 that targeted Muslims. Almost 75 per cent of these took place in BJP-ruled States, with Maharashtra and […]

PARI: ‘I once voted to build the country…now I am voting to save it’

Khwaja Moeenuddin, 92, recalls voting in India’s first elections; he also voted in General Elections 2024. A resident of Beed, Maharashtra, he speaks on the past, present and future of our secular democracy. According to the India Hate Lab, a Washington DC-based organisation documenting hate speech and hate crimes, India had 668 hate speech events […]

Outlook: Decoding Narendra Modi’s Popularity Amidst An Economic Crisis

In spite of huge economic inequalities and cultural discrimination, the identification of the common enemy through cultural nationalism has kept the momentum going for the present regime. The first one is acute hatred against cultural minorities. According to the India Hate Lab, around 668 hate speeches targeting Muslims were recorded in 2023. Around 75 per cent of […]

Khabar Lahariya: Mental Health in the Aftermath of Hate

According to a February 2024 Reuters report, anti-Muslim hate speech in India rose by 62% in the second half of 2023 compared to the first six months of the year. The India Hate Lab, a Washington-based research group, documented 668 hate speech incidents targeting Muslims in 2023. Of these, 255 occurred in the first half of the […]

The Leaflet: Politicians responsible for 56 percent of hate speech, religious leaders only 22 percent, finds new report

A recent report by the Association for Protection of Civil Rights, a non-profit and non-governmental organisation, has confirmed 72 reported incidents of hate crimes (55) and hate speech (17) against religious minorities in the first quarter of 2024 in India. The findings of the report have also corroborated the report of Washington-based India Hate Lab. Last year, on May […]