India Hate Lab (IHL)

Independent: Third term for Modi and its implications for India’s 200 million Muslims

India Hate Lab, a research group in the US, documented 668 incidents of hate speech against Muslims in 2023, of which 413 took place in the last six months of the year, coinciding with key state elections. In the decade since Modi took power, “what has exponentially increased is runaway hate speech spouting venom against Muslims”, including calls […]

Index on Censorship: India’s hate speech trackers are being blocked

The website of India Hate Lab, another initiative by Naik that is exclusively dedicated to tracking hate speech in India, has also been rendered inaccessible in the country. Various law enforcement agencies have frequently attempted to erase Hindutva Watch and India Hate Lab’s documentation of hate crime and speech towards minorities, primarily on the pretext of violating India’s […]

Newslaundry: How citizen-led initiatives safeguard democracy, electoral process

Raqib Naik, a journalist and founder of  India Hate Lab and Hindutva Watch, said despite knowing about the prospective backlash, he felt the need to come up with a hate tracker project, and approach it in a “methodical way that employs journalistic rigour.” “I noticed that there were a lot of videos of hate crimes […]